Fall 2017 Presentations


Administrative list, What do I do if, mission studies


Coaching and Using Powerful Questions in Transitional Ministry

Conflict Presentation

Exploring Self-Differentiatioin

Exploring my own sense of self-differentiation

Rollercoaster of Change

Transitional Rookie

Administrative vs. Adaptive Leadership

Comparison of Administrative and Adaptive Leadership Styles


Competencies of Transitional Ministry

Congregational Asset Mapping

The quick and simple asset mapping

Five Tasks

5 Development tasks and process tasks

Six Thinking Hats

Visioning Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping Matrix

Conflict Game

4 Word Build

Emotional Grid

Guidelines for Disagreement

Guidelines in times of disagreement


What do I do If?

Change and Transition

Conflict Levels and Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts of Transitional Ministry - A Description

Systems Overview


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