Spring 2018 Presentations

Naming the Elephants in the Room

Emotional Intelligence

Stewardship of Life and Gifts

Self Care

Corrine Ware Spirituality Wheel

Leadership App

Adaptive vs Technical Leadership

Coaching Tools

For Transitional Ministry

Asset Mapping

As a Spiritual Practice

5 Development Tasks

Focus Points

Biblical & Theological Foundations

During Transitional Times

Transitional Boundaries

7 Deadly Sins

Mission Study



My Iceberg is Melting

Coaching Bibliography

Administrative Checklist

Family Systems Review

Self Differentiation

Mission Study

UPC Final Draft

Common Ground Transforming Conflict

Top 10 Asking Mistakes

For Powerful Questions

Focus Points Process Lenses


Canoeing the Mountains

Exploring My Own Sense

of Self Diferentation

Adaptive Challenges and Spiritual Growth

Conflict Levels and Skills

Interviewing & Contracting

Sample Contract

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